Installation and Maintenance of Air Exchangers and HRVs

Air exchangers help freshen up the air in closed up spaces. The movement of air between areas is vital for healthy indoor air as stagnant air contains a lot of dust, microbes and other harmful factors that cause respiratory problems and diseases. Air exchangers help facilitate this air circulation by removing the air inside and bringing in air from the outside. At EcoTech Refrigeration and HVAC, we can help you with all aspects of air exchanger and HRV installation and maintenance in Moncton and surrounding areas.

During the cold months, when we stay shut indoors and cannot open the window, air exchangers come in handy to ensure that the air quality is well maintained. In households and other places with children, air exchangers are necessary for clean and fresh air. If you’re planning to get a new air exchanger, we can easily set it up for you. For any repair or maintenance problems with your current air exchanger, you can always call us.

Proper Maintenance for Fresher Air

Air exchangers do the important job of cleaning out the air we breathe. The smooth working of an air exchanger is imperative to ensure the residents’ health within the space. This is why air exchangers need regular maintenance by professionals. We conduct thorough maintenance and repair work, including replacing air filters, checking air intake, cleaning blades and exchangers and overall annual maintenance. 

Aside from better air quality, some of the advantages of having an air exchanger or heat recovery ventilator in Moncton are:

  • Controlled moisture levels

  • Increased comfort and value

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Increase the Comfort and Value of Your Home

Aside from better air quality, an HRV or air exchanger can help you control moisture levels, thus making your home more comfortable.

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