Mini-Split Heat Pump Installation

Mini-Split Heat Pump Installation

For property owners who are on the lookout for a reliable heating system to keep their indoors warm during winter, heat pumps are a commonly sought option. A heat pump system’s feasibility and viability depend on your homes and offices’ unique structure and needs. What makes them resourceful is how they are useful for both the cold and warm months. With EcoTech Refrigeration and HVAC, you can quickly get a heat pump installed at your property by qualified HVAC technicians. We provide heat pump installation and repair services in Moncton and surrounding areas for residential and commercial properties. Heat pump systems are preferable to furnaces and boilers as they involve less complicated and more efficient mechanisms when it comes to heating every room in the house.

Efficient Heating

One of the prime reasons why heat pumps have gained popularity in recent years as the ideal system for residential properties is due to their increased efficacy and efficiency. A heat pump uses warm air in the house to its benefit, warming up every room by moving it around. Unlike furnaces and boilers, the heat pump is more focused on moving existing heat than generating new heat, making it one of the most energy-efficient heat solutions.

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Stay Warm While Saving Money

With an expertly installed heat pump in your Moncton home, you can keep yourself comfortable without spending money on inefficient heating.

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